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Poet || Author || Learner

a wordsmith making words worth

Those who can feel
And those who can read
Are welcome to a world
Where words breathe

People often question- "What do you do?"
I say, "I write."    
"Really! What kind of writing do you do?"
I reply, "I write...poems," and this is followed by a round of laughter.

This is a usual conversation that takes place every time someone poses this question to me.

With decades of experience as a poet (I started composing poems at a very early age) and having spent some time as a professional writer in the industry, I often come across people who are amazed to find someone in this profession.
Their "that's different" remark and expression are not astonishing to me anymore.

"Why do you write?" - Now, that's a serious question, the answer to which can be understood only by those who possess the knack of crafting their understanding of the surrounding environment with an apt weaving of words. I write to give an outlet for my creativity. I write to let my feelings flow.

I write because I see
I write because I feel
I write because I understand
I write because I believe
I write because I empathise
I write because I want to bring a change
I write because I am the change

Apart from poems, I also seriously write fiction. 'Reflections of Life' is my first novella. The fiction is about a young girl who confronts hardships in the early phases of life, and the story proceeds with her life revealing some bizarre truths to her. The plot depicts the cobweb of entangled human emotions.