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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Youth and happiness

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Youth comes with a dramatic change in one’s life. With the changes taking place in one’s physiology with the growing age, several factors influence one’s emotional and psychological well-being. 

Even in today’s highly modern and competitive world, mental health is an ignored aspect of life. Across the globe in varied cultures and communities, physical health of the youth and individuals of all ages is given more importance over their mental well-being. Ordinarily, people fail to realize that for a healthy society, it is very important for its building blocks that are the people to be mentally sound.


Our brain is the embodiment of our mind. It is the Central Processing Unit that controls our actions, thoughts and behaviors. Till date, concern for our own mental health or that of those around us is despised by our society. Despite being aware that we ourselves or somebody we are concerned with, is facing some kind of emotional trauma or psychological turmoil, we usually tend to ignore the first signs in the initial phases of the problem. When facing the issue themselves, people have a tendency of hiding such facts from others and have a propensity to refrain from talking about such a serious predicament of theirs openly or seek help.

‘Mental state’ or any word related to psychology is generally assumed to be negative, but if we think deeply, we can very well realize that there is nothing as important as one’s mental well-being in life. Our mental state controls our emotions, mood and the way we socially connect with others. It steers our thought process, our feelings and the way we carry on with our day to day life. If we are mentally healthy and sound, we can tackle stress as well without much difficulty.

The age group of 15 to 24 years is usually called the youth. It is that age, when success is of prime importance to the individual, but the road to success is difficult to tread. Young masses need to learn the art to deal with the challenges life confronts them with. The desire to gain more in lesser time has spread like an epidemic in the present times. In such a scenario, people find them affected with different kinds of illnesses, which include high number of mental illnesses as well.

It has also been seen that mental unrest not only affects one’s cognition but also impacts one’s physical capacity to carry on tasks.

There can be a number of reasons behind one’s mental weakness, but if affected in one’s youth and growing age, it can challenge the individual’s correct development and have a negative impact on the way he or she connects with others socially.

The way life poses difficulties for people can be intriguing but it is indispensible to understand and have the skills to overcome these problems. Due to inexperience and dearth of knack to solve issues life posses one with, youngsters often tend to fall in the clasps of mental sickness, usually starting with depression and later leading to much serious illnesses, if not dealt with corrective measures at an early stage.

Difficulties or challenges can range from demise of a parent at one’s young age, child abuse, to a difficult childhood. Many times, childhood or teenage of an individual besmeared with crime, can also lead to eventual mental sickness.

The present world youth is part of a rat race, a race to achieve incredible goals and quench the thirst of unfathomable desires. This in turn is pressurizing them to such extents, that the simplicity of life is gradually fading away.

Hard work and no play

It is often said and said truly that, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” At times, even after much hard work and sustained efforts one fails to achieve the desired results or outcomes. What then? Is it wise to lose one’s hope or curse one’s fate? I believe, no.

In such a circumstance, we should realize that to win or to lose are parts of the game. We should develop in ourselves the skill to accept failures and work on our shortcomings to succeed later.

No effort goes in vain

At times, we feel that we are working for no good use. Our efforts in a particular work will not reap us fruits. If you ever feel so, do not stop working, instead, shun that thought at that very moment. Remember, no person, friend or even your neighbor stays with you forever, but that does not mean that you can stay without people around you. On a similar note, your efforts if apparently not doing any good to you will at least do well to others around. So, keep working.

Brain Fatigue

It has been scientifically proved that the human brain’s ability to stay focused and calm can be overwhelmed by the demands of this fast-paced world.

A Scottish study with the help of study of brain wave programs has proved that a walk through a leafy park or green spaces can potentially lessen stress and help enhance concentration.

Never low and solitary

The death of the American actor, comedian and film-maker, Robin Williams came as a shock to the entire world. Nobody could guess that a person, who made the whole world laugh, could be so lonely and depressed within.

If feeling lonely or aloof, it is time to check if we are ourselves responsible for it! As social beings, human nature is to connect. Check if you are building walls or bridges. Loneliness is an alarm or nature’s way of telling us to re-join or re-connect with people.

For this we need to over-power our mood and overcome our own self-built limitations-
1. Do not hold grudges, whatsoever. If you do, such tendencies will make you feel lonelier.
2. Joining a gym can help you keep your mind diverted, make you stay fit and also help you build a positive attitude towards life.
3. Meet and greet! When you greet someone with a smile, a smile comes back to you.
4. Get into networking. By saying this, I do not mean get engrossed in social media networking, what I mean is that leave everything aside and get out of home, meet people, make new friends interact with them. Come out of the virtual world and interact with real people face to face.

Stress and its ill-effects

Stress is a silent killer. It traumatizes you. Acting silently, it becomes aloud and starts reflecting only when it has deeply set itself in your mind and soul with firm roots. It has the potency to shatter you, if not dealt with in time.

Stress can even make you crippled, leaving you unable to think or act wisely. It has a repetitive effect. It drags you in a vicious circle, where stress leads to even more of it. Your performance is affected badly leading to disappointment and even more stress.

A little stress is good for making you perform better in a competitive scenario, but if this stress crosses the margin or limit it has a lasting ill-effect. It turns your thought process in an undesirable, negative direction, in turn making you unwelcome by other folks. Stress affects your system and thought process. Your thoughts control your mind, body and health. Most of the present day health issues are gifts of the day to day stress that we deal with. They have an unspoken role in increasing any and every ailment bothering us.

If you give it a deeper thought, you will realize that more than anybody else the effect of stress on your mind and soul are most evidently felt by only one person and that is ‘you’. Stress degenerates one’s intellect. One tends to lose the power to think properly and take correct decisions. One may plan to do a thousand things but end up doing nothing. It leads to further disappointment to the individual. Though it is an old proverb but it is not to be forgotten that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

The Relative Approach

A philosophical approach can provide us many solutions to deal with day to day issues and the stress arising thereby. Try to realize that the stress that we are dealing with, are really not as big as they appear to be. With the passage of time, the magnitude of any trouble reduces. It starts fading away and at a later point of time, you realize that it has no relevance in your life. The problem is gone and you do not remember that it even existed ever.

Identify the goal of your life

Never let your self-esteem go down. God has made every creature and non-living thing for some purpose. You just need to identify your goal.

Once upon a time, there was a huge pond in a forest with many different plants around it. People from far across would come and praise the beauty of the plants. A leaf on a rose plant would often notice this and feel sorry for himself as nobody praised him. Eventually, he started feeling low and started feeling that its life was not good for anything. Days passed and one stormy day, many trees fell down near the pond. Suddenly, an ant was blown with the strong wind into the pond and it was struggling hard to save its life. The ant was tired in some time and death seemed sure to the exhausted being. Seeing this, the leaf bent and took the ant over itself to save its life.

As the storm ceased, the leaf sailed to the side of the pond. The happy ant thanked the leaf to have saved its life.

The leaf realized its importance and true worth to which it was unaware till that incidence.

Always try to help others. This way you not only extend a helpful hand to others but realize the meaning of life too.

Change your thought process

You are what you think. Your bones and flesh do not make you the person you are, your thoughts do.

Happiness and sorrow, ups and downs are part and parcel of everybody’s life. Many times, our circumstances lead us to a depressive state of mind. It can affect anybody walking the face of earth, from a millionaire, to your next door neighbor, to even you. Still, we can overcome such a situation by just changing our perspective. The above statement can be understood a bit more clearly with the help of this example.

There was boy named Brandon, who worked in a rice mill. Being affected by polio in his childhood, he would walk on crutches. Still, seeing his zeal for life and diligence towards his work, he was promoted as the manager of the mill. He continued his efforts and worked harder to solve the problems of other workers and help them out.

Once, his boss called him and asked- what made him so happy and content. There were others in the mill, who earned better than him and were much well-off, but still never looked happy.

Brandon’s smiled at his boss’s question. Many of his other co-workers as well stopped-by to inquisitively know his reply. Even they wanted to know the secret to his happiness.

Brandon answered, “Sir, whenever perplexed, I ask two questions to myself that in turn lead me to the way to bliss.” The boss could not understand anything.

Brandon continued, “Whenever I get up in the morning, my mind says, Brandon, you have two choices today, either to spend the day happily or spend it depressed. To this, I choose to tread the happy path. If something goes wrong, my mind again asks a question, Brandon, either feel sorrowful for your mistake or learn something useful from it. To this I think, there is no point in repenting over anything, it is always better to learn a lesson from my mistakes.”

If somebody comes to me with someone else’s complaint, even then my mind gives me two options, either to accept the complaint or to appease the person by telling him the positive qualities of the other person. I believe, every person has some positive attributes, so, why shouldn’t I bring to light those positive traits. So, I choose the blissful path.”

His boss answered, “Brandon, whatever you are saying is true, not an easy task though.”

Brandon replied, “No Sir, this is quite easy, you just have to decide what implication you want to have on your mind, of the things said to you or the circumstances surrounding you. Positive or negative. Remember, the day you succeed in choosing what is it that you want, you will start feeling bright with positivity by driving away negativity away from you.” Everybody listening to Brandon, smiled at his answer, as if, they had had the ‘mantra’ to happiness.

Each one of us undergoes the morbid clutch of negative thought process at some or the other phase of our lives. Give your mind a chance to study and take decisions on a positive note. Trust me, this will help you steer your life in the right direction.