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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Frozen Petals

Hello there!

So, I am here announcing the release of my third book very soon.

'Frozen Petals- An anthology of poems'

As you must have got to know by now, I live to write. Writing is not just a passion for me, but more so it is my lifeline.

Books by Rohini Jha
Books by Rohini Jha
Writing comes to me naturally. So much that I composed my first poem at the age of four! Poetry for me is a way to express my understanding of different characters that I come across and situations that I walk through. A poem, for me, is the shortest form of a story. And I believe that a single piece of poetry may be interpreted very differently by different readers. It is a matter of perception!

Frozen Petals is an anthology of around 100 poems written over a span of fifteen years. The book will be available online for purchase both in print and eBook formats. Happy reading!

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