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Friday, April 19, 2019

Just smile- and let the world guess!

It's been some time that I gave an appearance here. So, thought of scribbling some text to testify my existence in a remote corner of the world. The day has been usual so far. Morning rays peeping through the window woke me up. A bit of yoga, walking, breakfast, tea, and work. In this very usual routine of mine, at times, I take a pause, look around and try figuring out, what is it that is bothering me every now and then. Somewhere- unnoticed, at the back of my mind, behind that usually cheerful demeanour that I present to the world, there lies a silent feeling of being throttled that shakes my very existence, quietly.

Why are things not exactly the same as they appear? Why do we all share cheerful notes, happy pictures every now and then on networking sites, but do not actually connect ourselves at the ground level with what we are presenting to the world? To cut it short, are we really bothered about the way the world perceives us or are we only bothered about the way the world perceives us?

After much musing I figured out that no matter how much we vote for the former notion, actually we are saddened by the idea of being disliked by anybody at any point in time. So, the latter thought holds true. We really perceive ourselves the way others do. And in that case, the remote control of our temperament is held by others.

Now, since it is established that we value our looks, achievements and so on mostly for a social stature, let us try to calculate how much satisfaction do we receive with the associated compliments, and how long is the resultant happiness going to last? Or are these all simply virtual and ephemeral?

Get some coffee and ask yourself are you really happy in your life? If so, enjoy your company and stop peeping your nose into other people's lives.

With observations about other's perception about our lives and attitude, and our consequent reactions reveals that we, as humans are a judgmental species. No matter how much educated or sophisticated we present ourselves to be, we have an inherent tendency of over analyzing situations, making judgments about others and in turn being judged by them in our day to day activities. This is a chain reaction that cannot be stopped.

What we can do about it? Take a deeper breath, feel positive about ourselves and leave people guessing- what keeps us happy in such a chaotic judgmental world?

P.S. In a society that is ready to certify the morale of a lass based on the way she dresses and a man on his shattered nuptial bond; there is no point in losing one's good night's sleep pondering what would people think. Ciao and stay blessed!

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