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Friday, January 18, 2019

Who am I?

Who am I?
Standing in this box -
A four-walled structure
Of brick sand and thoughts

I walk out of this box
Just to get into another
With four wheels and a steering
To reach my place of work

I walk out of that again
To get into one more
The cubicle at my work place
To perform another role

What follows next
As the dusk starts to set
I again change boxes
In the reverse flow to bed

Who am I?
Is a question
That haunts me everyday
Changing boxes and roles
Every now and then

Who am I?
Is a question
I often ask myself

Am I someone
More or lesser
From the several roles I dress

Changing characters
And attires
I often get perplexed

Don't we at times
Fake ourselves
With fabricated faceds

Who am I?
I still ponder
Trying to get out of
Another box

I want to get liberated
Of all constraints and bonds

And that way
May be some time
I will have a notion
That may satiate
My perpetual quest

And I may settle
With an answer
To the question -
Who am I ?

- Rohini Jha