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Sunday, September 02, 2018

When the going gets tough

PAIN - is a term even the mention of which causes discomfort to many. Usually, all of us want to stay away from this dreaded feeling. Isn't it?

So, at least one thing is clear that pain is a feeling. The next question is, why is it caused? If you go to a doctor and ask the same question, most probably he will tell you that it is the outcome of a disease.

Now let us try to understand the broader meaning of the term disease. The term disease comes from two separate terms:

dis + ease = disease ==== leads to =====> PAIN

This means that when your body and/or mind are/is not at ease, you feel pain. Simple so as to understand, I guess!

So, we get to know that there are a few factors that lead to this feeling called pain.:
1) Body and/or
2) Mind
3) Uneasiness (dis + ease)

Let us take a few combinations to understand the mechanics of pain that most of us deal with in our day to day lives.

A) Pain in the Body and Mind.

You go to a doctor and tell him- "Doctor! I fell from the staircase and my elbow is aching badly."
The doctor says- "O my God! How did you manage to slip? Go get these tests done...take these medicines and you should be fine."

So we see that your body was injured, your mind felt the pain and under proper medical supervision you got well in a predictable span of time.

B) Pain in the Body or Mind?

What if you got all the tests done, took all the prescribed medicines as suggested, stayed under medical supervision as advised and still did not get completely well. Well, this is something that many of you reading this piece might have felt some time or the other in your lives. Whatever the medical opinion about your discomfort is, I understand that such a situation is quite agonising.

C) Circumstantial Pain

Now, you must be thinking- what is that? 
This is a more generic form of dis+ease that each one of us suffers from every now and then. 

Every time we are not able to achieve what we want, some kind of discomfort firmly clutches our minds, which further leads to dissatisfaction, a lower spirit and what not?

So, is there any way out of these dis+eases and pains? Let us try and figure out.

A) Pain in the Body and Mind. 
Solution: Go to the doctor, listen to his advice, take a few days off from work. Let your sores heal and get well.

B) Pain in the Body or Mind?
Solution: Nothing seems to work, for instance, when suffering from chronic pain. In such a case, look for alternative treatment, naturopathy, yoga, pranayam and you will see things improving.

C) Circumstantial Pain
Solution: Believe me, the solution to this is the most interesting, but is similar to the above two cases.

Just as in case (A), you modified your routine, listened to the medical advice and got well and in case (B), you again simplified things that were so complicated that even the doctors could not help you much; you came ahead, resolved to help yourself and got well with your own will-power, similarly, dealing with circumstantial pain is also easy. How? The answer is- by re-aligning yourself.

In any situation that is causing a nagging discomfort to you, try to figure out alternative ways to deal with the issue. Instead of abandoning, try to see if you are using the correct tools to deal with the problem. Also, check if your body, mind, and soul are in sync or not. See, if you are actually willing to do what you are involved in at the moment. Never do anything just to please others. Your conscience will always tell you the right from the wrong. Make sure that you listen to it and apply your wisdom in all acts.

You will always find some or the other pain challenging you. What is to be kept in mind is that 'you' as a living being are much larger than the pain. No matter how big it is, the storm will always pass, you just have to keep yourself calm and re-align.

Strong trees are uprooted during cyclones, but small blades of grasses that re-align themselves during such tough times, survive. If you are really willing to achieve something, stay focused, choose the right path, beat all pains and get going.

P.S. If, even after repeated trials and consistent efforts, the door is not opening, then instead of getting disheartened, accept that the door is not meant for you.

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