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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The choice of making a choice

Once, someone had said this to me- 'A man creates his history on his own.' A decade later, contemplating on this idea, I have a few points to share with you all.

The notion shared above apparently comes from a very confident soul that believes in treading on a self-made path in all walks of life. Do you think each one of can boast of having the same magnitude of courage to accept every incidence in life as the result of one's own conduct?

I remember, during my academic years, I would see a lot of fellow students making a hue and cry after every result was announced. In those times, I would often ponder, what was the point in blaming the almighty or even one's own fate for petty things going wrong in one's life. All right, I agree that it is the easiest way to let out one's anguish and frustration, but in that case don't you think that you are missing the choice of giving yourself a second chance and improving your efforts toward achieving something better?

Do not blame but face

As I look around, I see several faces lost in thoughts, lamenting over what all went wrong in their lives and cursing those who let such things happen to them. I agree it is very difficult to accept things that you know are wrong and are beyond your control. If you cannot stop them from going wrong with you, then what is the way out?

Certainly, cursing others or playing the blame-game will not yield anything worth. The simplest solution in that case is trying and maintaining one's calm while keeping a balanced attitude and looking for possible solutions for dealing with the situation.

In any case, try choosing an option that may help you build a better future, a brighter tomorrow and do not let anybody have the remotest chance of pitying over you or your circumstances. If you tread on a self-made path to a successful future, even those who once mocked you will start looking at you in awe.

To conclude, I would like to say, 'A man does not create his history but a man builds his destiny for sure.' History is the past- the by-gone. All you need to do with it is- learn from your mistakes and forget the rest.

'Every man creates his destiny on his own.'

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